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Know the rules that apply to recreational drone users and fly safely.

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State and territory rules

Helpful resources to stay up to date with rules and requirements for drone use in your state or territory.

In addition to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's drone safety rules which apply nationally, states and territories also have different rules about drone use. Some rules even vary by local government area or the particular site. It is important to know and understand any state, territory and local council flight requirements and restrictions.

State and territory rules

You should carefully research the local regulations for drone use in the area where you intend to fly a drone before you do so, especially if you intend to operate in a special area, such as a sensitive environmental area or near a national monument, or at a special event, such as a concert or sporting event.

For example, drones are prohibited in Kakadu National Park, near many marine parks, around Parliament House in Canberra, at Sydney Olympic Park, at declared major events in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia or near correctional facilities.

You should also check the rules regularly, as they may change quickly and without notice.

In some jurisdictions you could be subject to a substantial penalty for breaking a drone use rule. In some cases you must obtain a permit before using the drone in a specific area, such as a national park.

A selection of helpful resources are below.

Local drone rules map

  • See the first release of the local drone rule map here, featuring information on laws around parks and corrections facilities.

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New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Western Australia

Important note

Information on this website should not be considered a complete guide to the use of new aviation technologies in Australia. It is your responsibility to ensure you are following the rules that apply to your particular place or situation.