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Know the rules that apply to recreational drone users and fly safely.

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Partnership listings

Helping organisations to connect with collaboration partners.

The department will not be vetting the parties on this list and inclusion on this list does not represent endorsement by the department. Parties seeking to make contact are expected to undertake their own checks and due diligence.

A - G


Vinayak Kankanwadi

AAUNO engages in the research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous System and Blockchain.

Seeking collaboration, support and/or partnership on developing autonomous systems or digital platforms that require specialist application of artificial intelligence as well as research these roles to support the community.

Adesar Holdings Pty Ltd (Bistro Services)

Paul Truda

We are looking for people in the aviation industry :

  • Aeronautical Engineers, licensed by CASA to design and certify
  • Structural Engineer, with experience in aeroplane
  • Manufacturers of carbon fibre lattice tube
  • Mylar Fabricators, Sailmakers
  • Fuel Cell
  • Manufacturers with design expertise
  • Propeller Manufacturers/Repairer
  • Aviation Software

Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd

Paul Falzon

Looking to support and/or partner with organisations developing emerging aviation technology that require specialist engineering design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly and testing capability focussed on advanced composite materials and structures.

Advanced Propulsion Technologies Pty Ltd

Dr. Albert Parker, PhD

Advanced Propulsion Technologies Pty Ltd engages in the research and development of more performing and environmentally friendly machineries for transport applications including aviation and may thus contribute to the definition of novel products for the mobility industry. We are specialized in hydrogen propulsion, both combustion engines and fuel cell electric. Specifically, we have experience in hybrid electric propeller propulsion, with battery and fuel tank onboard energy storage, and production of electricity on board by fuel cells or combustion engine and generator, for use in UAV/UAM and small aircrafts fuelled with hydrogen or hydrogen-derived e-fuels. We also have experience in hydrogen and hydrogen-derived e-fuels combustion engines for commercial turboprop and turbofan jetliners. Finally, we may also help with the study of hypersonic propulsion by hydrogen unified turbine-based combined cycle ram/scramjet engines moving towards hypersonic commercial aviation.


Dr. Adriano Di Pietro

The Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub is dedicated to aerospace industry, current and emerging, collaborative development partnerships. The AIR Hub provides expertise in:

(1) Advanced composite materials for aerospace applications – design, manufacture and testing;

(2) Advanced manufacturing for aerospace supply chain:

(3) Digitalisation including CAD, CAM, industry 4.0 and digital twinning: and

(4) Advanced air operations for flight trialling, instrumentation, test and integration.

Airservices Australia

Luke Gumley

Airservices Australia provides safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry and community. This includes both aerospace services and aviation rescue firefighting services (ARFFS).

The aviation industry is evolving quickly, and we are evolving with it. Through our Innovation Hub, our Strategic Innovation and Alliances team is focused on sourcing innovative solutions that align with our strategy and solve our key Enterprise Risks. With this in mind, we are eager to partner with emerging aviation technology businesses to make our services faster, more efficient and more valuable for all airspace users. Please feel free to reach out to our team.

and Beyond UAV Mapping and Modelling

Steven Young

Looking for a Broad Acre Farming Enterprise looking at utilization of UAV’s for monitoring and selective application of chemicals.

Seeking Organic Farm or Organic farming community interested in exploring the use or UAV technology into organic farming enterprise.

ANRA offers its CASA verified Safety App, SORA automation technology, airspace management, integrated operations picture, multi-model/UxS, remote ID, and mission management solutions for partners that wish to collaborate on complex BVLOS operations.

Australian UAV Pty Ltd

James Rennie

Professional drone operations business looking to support industry with operational trails. Offices and full-time staff throughout Australia and experience in UTM trials, fixed-wing, multi-rotor and powered lift.

Australian UAV Technologies Pty Ltd (T/As Silvertone UAV)

Gerry Gerlach

A regional company looking to collaborate with interested partners who might require either a larger UAV platform or our assistance with opportunities within the sector.

From technology selection to application, training and implementation, C3 Drones & Robotics customise solutions for advanced RPAS and BVLOS operations. A complete package from C3 sets you up with your regulatory approvals and applications, deployed drone hardware and software access. Working across multiple industries such as mining, security, construction, agriculture and utilities, we work closely with leading names in the RPAS and robotics industries, as well as software developers, regulatory consultation teams, and various Federal Aviation Authorities across the globe.

Castleburn Station

Emile Theodore

We are a remote beef cattle farming enterprise located in the Victorian High Country - 15 minutes south of Dargo.

We have been using DJI drones to muster and move cattle for some years. We would be interested in utilising drones for other Agricultural tasks such as stock surveillance (particularly during calving), pest animal counts, weed control, crop maintenance and mapping. Should any EATP participants require a real world field testing partner, we encourage you to make contact.

Central Queensland University

Stephen Lieb

We are interested in exploring potential partnerships with indigenous communities in and around the Cairns, QLD region and/or in Victoria.  We are looking for a cattle farm which is located on indigenous land or surrounded by an indigenous community.  We would really like to include indigenous partners on our project proposal (a Drones based cattle management solution for remote Australian communities).  We seek indigenous community leaders or representatives, ideally (but not limited to) the FNQ region.

Clipper Aeronautics

Tina D’Souza
Daniel Curtis

Clipper Aeronautics is a small team of Aerospace engineers with extensive experience operating within the CASA and DASA (Defence) regulatory environments in aviation design, repair, maintenance, sustainment, and operations. Utilising their expertise in the development of complex air and space systems, the team seeks to design, build and fly an AAM concept demonstrator. We seek partners that can take on portions of design or manufacturing work that would integrate with our own development effort. Areas for potential collaboration include the development of bespoke electronics systems, composite manufacturing, and test equipment/rig design.

Deakin University

Professor Seng Loke

Seeking collaborators interested in urban air mobility/traffic simulation (or digital twinning for urban air mobility).

Department 13

Darren Gillam

Department 13 operates drones commercially beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) across Australia from our remote operations centre in Canberra, and we are searching for partners in remote and indigenous communities who would be willing to partner on this project to deliver critical supplies. We have expertise in navigating CASA BVLOS regulations and developing hardware and software solutions that pertain to drone technologies.

Electro.Aero Pty Ltd

Joshua Portlock

Electro.Aero develop and manufacture SAE International AS6968 standardized aircraft chargers and SmartHangar sustainable energy management systems for airports and vertiports. Looking to collaborate with any airframers, operators or sites and can provide comprehensive feasibility studies of SmartHangar charging needs and solutions to supplement any existing limited grid connection.

FJ Composites Solutions Ltd

Farid Al Mussawi

In 2017 we moved to Australia with our drone workshop. We are currently working in collaboration with Mining3, CSIRO, and the University of Queensland to produce drones and many other composites items.

Focusing on modifying and designing new concept of drones for many applications, including methane gas detection for mining, 3D mapping, surveillance, and many other applications.

We are planning to produce low-orbit satellite fleet of drones, to cover centre of Australia with internet and mobile phone, by using drones that could fly for months with the need of landing or maintenance using advanced solar photovoltaic cell technology, and hydrogen fuel cells, for long range and duration.

Rescue amphibious drones, that could rescue at sea for long range and rough sea conditions. And can land on water and fly for long distances.

Fliight Technologies Pty Ltd

Kihan Garcia

Flight technologies specializes in providing custom development, aircraft integration and payload design.

We have worked with a range of systems including DJI, DJI AG, Autopilot, PX4, and MicroPilot.

Our services including consulting, 3D CAD design, manufacturing, electronic design and software implementation. Providing companies a one stop shop to help bring their drone dreams to market.

FlyFreely is seeking to assist project leads that may require access to a Drone Management Platform to help manage all aspects of their operations, compliance and fleet over the life of the EATP and beyond. We are also open to developing any new capability your project may require to help automate any operational or compliance challenges. We also have a full API available for integration.

Based in Brisbane, FlyFreely is a CASA verified drone safety app, providing full Part 101 MOS record keeping compliance and partner to one of the teams working on the FIMS prototype.

FNQ Drones

Lee Windle

Looking to partner with businesses looking for opportunities in the Far North Queensland community.

Seeking to explore over water navigation, application of regional air mobility solutions in remote areas and potentially IFR operations.

Greenbird welcomes expressions of interest from organisations seeking to join a collaborative and industry led approach to AAM ecosystem development within Australia.

H - N

Hover UAV Pty Ltd

Jackie Dujmovic

Hover UAVs bring strength in developing regulatory approvals, first-of-type manuals and procedures. We also love to connect to final end-users and case studies. Looking to collaborate with projects that we will be able to assist bring their project to life.

High altitude airspace integration (ETM) / stratospheric operations FL60 and above.

At Kea Aerospace we are developing a solar powered high altitude platform station for long endurance remote sensing applications from the stratosphere.

We are aiming to deploy RGB, multispectral and synthetic aperture radar payloads for an array of applications. Identified early applications include digital farming, forestry, maritime domain awareness, fire detection and monitoring, and disaster management and response. 

We are looking to partner with organisations to build capability initially over rural and maritime Australia. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to provide more information.

We are seeking partners to participate in a trial of our communication and data exchange system. This will allow us to demonstrate the intricacies of end-to-end processes, ensuring successful and trustworthy AAM operations. Metrops is a new system that integrates air and ground-based infrastructure for the transportation of people and cargo, particularly in crowded urban areas. 


To achieve this goal, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire environment, including all stakeholders involved. Metrops is a data integration and collaboration tool facilitating Contracts Management, Operations Management, and Governance, providing crucial visibility necessary for the success of AAM in cities and the industry as a whole.

MicroTau Pty Ltd

Dylan McGrath

We are seeking a regional partner with a need for improved aircraft efficiency, range, endurance or payload capacity. MicroTau would like to collaborate on flight testing an applied surface film proven to reduce drag, to the benefit of the partner organisation.

Monash Drone Discovery Platform

Matthew Lee

The MDDP is seeking to partner with leading organisations looking to expand their capability in all 5 Focus areas.

The core capability of the platform is the manufacture, testing, and deployment of bespoke drone technologies including VTOL delivery spec aircraft and payload delivery technologies.

O - Z

OneSky Systems, Inc. (UAS Traffic Management)

Pelwinderpal Singh

OneSky is a global UAS Traffic Management (UTM) company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. We are looking to partner with uncrewed aviation stakeholders including vehicle manufacturers, operators, infrastructure/vertiport providers, airspace service providers and airspace regulators to enable complex BVLOS UAS and eVTOL/AAM flight trials, operations and integrations to advance the emerging aviation technology sector.

Outline is a specialist aerial surveying and data processing organisation with a mission to expand the value for the GIS sector for our customers and the next generation. We openly seek to collaborate with partner organisations and individuals which share this pursuit or have similar goals.

Our business has typically addressed a market different (ie larger scale) and therefore we see the that emerging drone technology has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of aerial survey. For example, through minimising operational costs and eliminating the need for human pilots in hazardous conditions. We would be welcome to discuss how complimentary offerings and shared R&D, could provide customers with flexibility in accessing diverse terrains, improving data quality with high-resolution sensors, as well as, real-time monitoring capabilities to deliver timely and sophisticated survey solutions.

Pegasus Airborne Systems Pty Ltd

Reilly Williamson

We are experts in the application of rotary wing, vertical take-off RPA for long endurance and heavy lift operations. Our current maximum capabilities are a 34kg payload, a cruise speed of 65 kts and 6 hours maximum endurance.

We are seeking partnerships to utilise our already established capabilities for future and emerging applications.

Seeking for partners in the Government and private sector to launch our Electric Cargo and Agriculture Airplanes in Australia.

Regional Development Australia (RDA Perth)

Mr Keith Ellis

RDA Perth are currently seeking to have exploratory discussions with key industry stakeholders (Aviation manufacturers, Airports, Safety Authorities, Airlines, Aviation Defence Industries, Autonomous Flight Experts in R&D, and Universities) with a view to create Western Australia's Drone Hub.

Ripper Corporation

Joe Urli

Collaboration sought in relation to emergency services, public safety, environment, BVLOS, UTM, artificial intelligence and drone technology integration.

Collaborate on bids for the EATP grant utilising our landing sites.

Spacesium Pty Ltd

Hong Tran

Spacesium is a software company that specialises in developing web-based online spatial data analytics for 3D drone data. We build the next generation of management systems for surveying equipment and data analysis. Our disruptive vision takes surveying to the next level with high quality 3D tools, real-time data processing, and interactive maps with real-time analytics.

Our services include:

  • 3D online world globe platform with Interoperability tools
  • Co-develop or develop applications for decision mapping tools
  • Spatial Analysis and mapping
  • Automation with custom software development API integrations

Our philosophy is to build software for companies that strive to take the new challenge to innovate and change. At Spacesium, our mission is to make this happen.

Sphere Drones is a leading Australian-based drone technology company, specializing in the development and operation of unmanned aerial systems. The company was founded in 2012 and has since been at the forefront of drone technology, working with clients across various industries, including agriculture, mining, security, and construction.

Sphere Drones provides end-to-end solutions, including the design, development, manufacturing, and deployment of drone systems. The company's offerings range from off-the-shelf drones to custom-built solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients.
The company's expertise also extends to the training and certification of drone pilots, offering training courses accredited by CASA. Additionally, Sphere Drones operates a Remote Operations Centre (ROC), which allows clients to outsource BVLOS operations of automated dock systems to a team of highly skilled pilots.

Sphere Drones is committed to advancing the drone industry, investing heavily in research and development to continually improve the capabilities and functionality of its products and services. With a focus on innovation, quality, and safety, Sphere Drones has become a trusted partner for clients seeking to leverage the benefits of drone technology in their operations.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE)

Lance MacManus
Molly Wagner

TSBE is an independent, member-driven economic development organisation actively linking our business community to opportunities across the Toowoomba, Western Downs, Maranoa and surrounding areas. We’re committed to ensuring that our local business community will innovate, adapt and prosper and we take pride in encouraging major investment in emerging industries. To ensure our region continues to diversify and grow sustainably TSBE has identified the need for investment in activities that foster the regions overall capabilities in onshore manufacturing, data systems, controlled flight testing and manned UAV control rooms. With an extensive defence and aerospace ecosystem in Toowoomba, TSBE is currently working with national and international companies to grow the emerging industries capabilities and welcomes the opportunity to further discuss with any company looking to grow their presence in Toowoomba’s aerospace sector.

Transport for NSW

Aviation team

Transport for NSW is the state government’s transport agency in New South Wales. Transport for NSW leads the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people of NSW.

Transport for NSW welcomes expressions of interests from organisations looking at exploring the use of emerging aviation technology for freight and passenger services in NSW.

We encourage anyone considering these use cases to reach out so we can understand how we can support your proposal.

University of New England, Earth Observation and Aquatic Ecology Labs

A/ Prof Bradley John Evans (Remote Sensing and Drones) | Dr Sarah Mika (Water quality monitoring and Drones)

We have numerous funded and potential student projects monitoring Australia’s farmed and natural ecosystems, including rivers and water bodies across NSW. We are open to collaborative partnerships and work closely with HyVista Corporation (Airborne Hyperspectral) and Yamaha Australia’s Sky Aerial Systems teams. Get in touch if you are seeking collaborators, have a research challenge we could help you solve. We specialize in Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy of Vegetation and Water Quality and Ecology. UNE also has teams of pilots across most all of our disciplines, and we can help you connect with them. Active research areas being Precision Agriculture, Geology and Archaeology.

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Dr Oleksandra Molloy

Find industry/academic partner to collaborate on this project

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Dr Mirjam Wiedemann

Councils and airports that are interested in exploring infrastructure and regional integration requirements for drone taxi, electric and hydrogen flight.

University of Sydney

Professor Athman Bouguettaya

Our research group is interested to collaborate with industry partners on drone-based service delivery.  Our research work focuses on using drones as an efficient, ubiquitous, and green alternative for service delivery in a skyway network in highly constrained environments (no-fly zones, obstacles, weather, drone failures, etc).  We have developed proof-of-concept prototypes in our Drones Lab at the University of Sydney.

University of Wollongong

Dr. Bobby Du

SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong provides research expertise and relevant project experience to support broad applications of drones to logistics, supply chain and digital farming, with the aid of smart charging strategy and cooperative operation between ground vehicles and drones.

Unleash Live

Hanno Blankenstein

We seek partners to test remotely piloted DJI UAVs BVLOS for Agriculture, Infrastructure applications. Applications may include a remote command/operations centre and/or connected drone recharge base(s) in the field

UXMachines Pty Ltd

Artur Lugmayr

UXMachines Pty Ltd is based in Perth, WA and provides software development services for [autonomous] unmanned aerial vehicles. We are providing/partnering for developing customised software solutions for data analytics, air mobility, data workflows, image processing, autonomy, and AI/ML related to any aspect of operating drones. We are also seeking partners for further developing our AEROphoria mission planning software. We are also fully licensed ReOC. Touch base with us and drop us an email.

We are also looking forward to collaborating with academic partners.

Valqari provides a drone agnostic, handsfree, automated, safe and secure delivery drone loading and unloading system. We can connect to any vertically landing drone (VTOL or Multicopter), and provide a completely touchless transfer system. We enable deliveries 24/7/365, increasing accessibility, and limiting risk.

US based, with Aus. patent and keen to get into the Australian market. If you have a delivery program, but are challenged by accessibility issues, and your customers can use a mailbox, then we'll fit.

Viable Partners

Alan Fung

Seeking collaboration and partnership on digital farming / precision agriculture through drones and artificial intelligence as well as research on the role of drones to support remote indigenous communities.

Wentworth Shire Council

Craig Cople

The ability and desire to assist with such a program where possible.

WSP offer noise consultancy to collaborators working with UA. We have industry experience with UA, specifically with noise monitoring, predictive modelling and policy interpretation.

Yarra Drones is one of few providers of CASA verified Drone safety web app; listed on CASA website. Hundreds of drone pilots use our web app every day across Australia to plan their RPA operations. Our current platform focuses on airspace validation however we are in process of developing automated flight planning and operations management layers on our existing platform. We are seeking collaboration with companies who have or are developing RPA (Drone) platforms, however scoring low on an integrated software platform to manage advanced mobility operations for purpose or EATP round 2 grant. We are a ReOC ourselves and have close to 5 years of experience in RPA operations in Australia and well complemented by our software development capabilities. 

Zircon Aviation Pty Ltd. Trading As: Zircon Firefly

Christopher Chambers

Zircon Aviation is dedicated to creating a bespoke VTOL wildfire suppression aircraft “Zircon Firefly” As we seek investment, we are actively seeking collaboration with organizations possessing diverse technical expertise in the aviation sector. Our most recent partnership with JCU Innovations Lab focuses on enhancing the AI component of our aircraft. We aim to revolutionize wildfire management through our bespoke innovation and strategic alliances.

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Figure of How are drones being used in Australia?
Drones in Australia

How are drones being used in Australia?

Figure of Drones in Australia
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Drones in Australia

Figure of Data and research
Policies and programs

Data and research

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Figure of How are drones being used in Australia?
Drones in Australia

How are drones being used in Australia?

Figure of Drones in Australia
No Subheading

Drones in Australia

Figure of Data and research
Policies and programs

Data and research