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Know the rules that apply to recreational drone users and fly safely.

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Your feedback, comments and complaints help us to better understand and address community or industry concerns.


Consultation is a critical part of policy design, development and implementation. This page provides an opportunity for consultation on policies and initiatives for drones and emerging aviation technologies.

The Australian Government consults extensively with community, industry and research organisations, as well as state, territory and local governments, to help inform the development of emerging aviation technologies policy and projects. 

Current consultation

There are no open items for consultation at this time.

To provide views or feedback outside of the consultation process, please get in touch through the Have Your Say page.

Forthcoming consultation

Future consultation is anticipated on this site for the following items:

This list will be updated on a regular basis as projects progress toward open consultation on this website.

National Emerging Aviation Technologies Consultative Committee

The National Emerging Aviation Technologies Consultative Committee (the Committee) is the principal forum through which the Department engages with the industry.

The Committee meets regularly to ensure industry views are incorporated into future initiatives. See the outcomes below.

Past consultations

National Aviation Policy Issues Paper on Emerging Aviation Technologies (September 2020)

This paper was the first step towards developing a national policy for the management of drones and other emerging aviation technologies. The key focus of the issues paper was to:

  • identify key opportunities and risks associated with these technologies;
  • outline current approaches for managing issues; and
  • propose the future policy direction.

Submissions to the paper, alongside broader community and industry consultation and extensive research informed the National Emerging Aviation Technologies Policy Statement.


Noise regulation review (2019)

In 2019 the department reviewed noise regulations to determine the potential impact of drones, urban air mobility aircraft and specialised aircraft, such as supersonic jets and historic warbirds.