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New emerging aviation technology projects to take flight

13 Jun 2024
Programs, Commercial, Research and development

Twelve new projects will be delivered under Round 2 of the Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships program to support businesses and communities.

The program will support a range of projects across Australia, with focus areas including the development of digital farming, boosting regional connectivity and supply chains, and improving outcomes for regional and remote First Nations communities.

Funded projects include investigating drones for use in humanitarian air and disaster recovery operations, delivering cargo services across regional and remote Australia, and getting health products and services to First Nations communities across the Torres Strait.

Drones and Advanced Air Mobility are emerging technologies that have widespread potential applications. The Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships (EATP) program partners with industry to encourage innovation and new use cases.

Round 1 of the EATP program is already delivering 12 projects including air ambulance trials in regional Australia and developing a quieter and more efficient propeller design for emerging and traditional aircraft.

The $32.6 million EATP program is an Australian Government initiative helping to make drones and emerging aviation more competitive, efficient and sustainable.

Further information can be found on the EATP program page.