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Drone delivery guidelines consultation open

04 Nov 2022
Commercial, Safety, Noise, Consultation

You can now have your say on draft guidelines that will help operators and planning authorities integrate drone delivery safely into the community.

With advances in technology, drone delivery is expected grow in Australia and it is important that this is managed in a safe and nationally consistent manner.

The drone delivery guidelines step through the regulatory requirements for drone operators and provide guidance for planning authorities to make informed decisions about drone delivery services in their community. They form part of the Infrastructure Planning Framework (the Framework) which will ensure a nationally consistent approach to infrastructure and planning decisions for emerging aviation technologies.

The Framework will include two components:

  1. The first component focuses specifically on drone delivery using small to medium sized drones (<25kg).
  2. The second component will apply to electric vertical take-off and landing, Advanced Air Mobility and heavy lift drones (>25kg).

The drone delivery guidelines have been developed in close consultation with industry, state, territory and local governments.

Your feedback on the guidelines will inform the final version planned for release in 2023.

Consultation will be open until Friday 2 December 2022 and feedback can be provided via the department’s Have Your Say page.