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CASA launches new Know Your Drone campaign and quiz

15 Dec 2023

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has this week launched a new campaign urging recreational drone flyers to take up the challenge and quiz their knowledge of the drone safety rules.

Figures published in CASA’s 2022-23 Annual Report estimate there are 1.8 million Australians flying drones for sport and recreation. With increasing numbers of Australians discovering the thrill of flying them, millions more are expected to buy or receive their first drone in the next 12 months. 

CASA's Sharon Marshall-Keeffe, acting manager of remotely piloted aircraft systems operations, encourages all recreational drone flyers to take the quiz: ‘It’s incredibly important that recreational drone operators understand the safety rules and fly their drones responsibly to keep themselves and others safe. While most drone operators are doing the right thing, we want to make sure that newcomers, and people who may have been flying for a little while longer, understand the safety rules and the requirements of being a responsible drone flyer.’ 


CASA  also encourage drone flyers to check a CASA-verified drone safety app before flying to make sure they’re operating in an area that’s safe to do so. 

Anyone can take the quiz and challenge their friends and family too, by visiting the Know Your Drone website, taking the quiz, and sharing their score.

Further information:

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