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Aviation Green Paper open for public consultation

12 Sep 2023
Public, Consultation

The Aviation Green Paper is an important step in transforming Australia’s aviation sector. Feedback from the community and aviation sector and will inform the Aviation White Paper which will set the Government's policy direction for the aviation sector out to 2050.

The Aviation Green Paper identifies key challenges and opportunities for the future of Australia’s aviation sector, including: supporting a competitive environment, ensuring consumer protections, affordability and safety, and the aviation industry’s transition to net zero.

Chapter 9 of the Aviation Green Paper considers the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging aviation technologies, such as drones and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Drones and AAM are also discussed in Chapter 4 Regional and remote aviation services, Chapter 5 Maximising aviation’s contribution to net zero and Chapter 6 Airport development planning processes and consultation mechanisms.

A submissions process is open from now until the end of November. The Department will hold a series of roundtable sessions virtually and across Australia in October and November 2023. Information on the public consultation events is also posted on our website.

Consultation on the Green Paper is an important step for getting to the White Paper, which is expected to be released in the first half of next year.

The Aviation Green Paper seeks stakeholder views on a number of issues including:

  • how a safe, open, competitive and commercial UTM market could operate.
  • How could the Australian Government create an environment that fosters private investment in emerging aviation technologies?
  • How will priorities of government agencies need to evolve as the uptake of emerging aviation technologies continues?
  • What frameworks does the Australian Government need to ensure community acceptance as the sector continues to develop, and particularly if it reaches some of the more optimistic growth projections?

Emerging aviation technologies are expected to transform the aviation sector however, the timing and pace of these developments are not yet certain.

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