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Know the rules that apply to recreational drone users and fly safely.

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Your feedback, comments and complaints help us to better understand and address community or industry concerns.


Commercial drone operators may need a noise approval to fly. Find out about how to apply.

In Australia, all remotely piloted aircraft and drones must abide by the Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 2018 (the Noise Regulations).

The purpose of the Noise Regulations is to provide a targeted and risk-based approach to managing noise disruptions caused by drones in the community.

Getting a drone noise approval

A simple self-assessment tool makes it easy for drone operators to apply for an approval. The form only takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Most drone operators will likely be exempt or be granted an automated approval upon completing the self-assessment form. Drone operators undertaking complex or large operations may need to undergo a more detailed assessment before obtaining an approval from the department.

Drone noise policy and regulatory development

The Australian Government is continuing to adapt our approach to manage drone noise as the sector evolves. More information on noise policy is available at the link below.